Double Wall Glassware


Cusio 250 ml (2-pack)


Cusio 250ml (box of 2 glasses)

Like a happy little Buddha, our CUSIO glasses have a pleasantly full shape.

With Ferrano double-wall glasses, your drinks retain their heat or chill for longer, allowing you to savour each sip. Their superior insulation power keeps fingers safe from hot drinks and tables dry of condensation – no coasters required. Enjoy more refreshing cold drinks and more soothing hot beverages in these classic glasses that are always comfy to touch.

Ferrano double-wall drinking glasses are:

  • INSULATING, keeping your drinks hot or cold for longer
  • COMFORTABLE, the outside of the glass stays at room temperature
  • PRACTICAL, with an insulating layer of air that prevents condensation
  • SAFE, made from borosilicate glass, more durable than other types of glass
  • CONVENIENT, certified microwave and dishwasher safe
  • ATTRACTIVE, classic design adds a touch of taste to any occasion
$ 16.90 each

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