Air Fryer


Air Fryer


A healthy new way to create your favourite dishes

For wholesome meals made quickly and easily, look to the Ferrano AirFryer. With no need for oil, it circulates hot air to cook your favourite foods – no flipping or stirring needed. The 3.2-litre basket is big enough for the whole family, and also suitable for a meal for one. Cut the oil, boost the flavour, and save time for the things that matter.

Food at your fingertips

  • Great for crispy fries, curry puffs, potato wedges and rosti, all with less oil
  • Cooks frozen foods such as chicken nuggets, meat pie, fish sticks and pizza
  • Ideal for meats such steak, hamburgers, fish, and chicken drumsticks and breast
  • Even bakes cakes, cookies, quiches, brownies, muffins and more

Filled with features

  • Programmable timer up to 30 min
  • Temperature control up to 200°C
  • Large capacity 3.2-litre basket
  • Quick cleanup: dishwasher-safe pan and basket
  • Easy to use with enhanced safety features
  • Ideal for kitchens large and small
$ 228.00 each

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