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The Ferrano Story

Ferrano is a new brand created by one of the top consumer appliance manufacturer in Southeast Asia. In 2015 the company will produce millions of high-end products, bringing in substantial revenue. People worldwide in more than 60 countries across five continents use these products in their homes as part of their daily lifestyles.

Based in Singapore, Ferrano is truly international with key people from around the world, representing an array of cultures and inspirtations. After a successful launch
in perhaps the world's toughest market, Japan, Ferrano is set to enter other countries with its blend of function, form and heritage.

The three circles in Ferrano's logo represent function, form and heritage, the core pillars of the brand.

  • Function: Our products do precisely what they are designed for, only better, faster and more safely than our competitors. We use top-quality materials to produce efficient, safe and high-performance products.
  • Form: Ferrano is health-conscious and Earth-conscious. We consider the wellbeing of both our customers and the planet in everything we do. Our carefully crafted design makes our products not just attractive, but also easier to use and clean.
  • Heritage: Ferrano products are designed and built to last for years to come. Ours is a heritage based on the most outstanding products of the past, upgraded with new technologies, materials and the strictest safety standards from around the world.